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VT Season Updates

Akron: Planted into good moisture, about 1.25” deep into proso millet stubble.  Excellent stands and good fall growth.  Moisture down to ~4” in Feb.  Received over 6.9” of rain in May, some hail damage to flag leaves and emerging heads.  Wheat stem sawfly heavy in trial at end of May.

Arapahoe: Field and trials abandoned in May due to poor stands and growth from dry conditions in fall and early spring.

Burlington: Planted 1.75” deep into good moisture. Tilled corn residue.  Visited end of Jan., moisture down to 4”.  Average fall growth but acceptable stands.  Little bit of hail damage in mid-May, <5% yield loss estimated.  East end of trial has compaction and resulting poorer stands.

Burlington Irr.:  Planted about 1.5” deep into tilled corn stalks (corn came off right before wheat planting).  Excellent stands and good fall growth, not lush, but good.  Good winter moisture.  Plants had lots of tillers and was starting to head out by last week of May, disease symptoms starting to show in upper canopy.

Genoa: Planted into good moisture, corn residue.  Ground worked once before planting.  1.75” deep.  Visited in early March and site has excellent moisture in top 5” of soil profile, not a lot of fall growth but good stand establishment.  Some freeze damage to leaves but not serious.  Still good moisture in mid-May, not as much tillering as other sites.

Ft. Collins Irr.: Planted into moisture.  Good stands in fall and good spring growth.

Holyoke Irr.: Planted about 2.5” deep into moisture after corn harvest.  Little growth in the fall due to late planting date and average but uniform stand.  Visit in early March plants had 1-2 leaves and more seedlings were emerging.  Good soil moisture below top 2”.  Some varieties were heading by last week of May, good growth during spring.

Julesburg: Planted 1.25” deep into moisture and hard ground.  Planted into no-till corn stalks. Visited in early March and good soil moisture.  Stand was average and not much fall growth.  Trial was dry by end of April, but had good moisture again at end of May.  Stands are average and soil compaction negatively affected stands in some areas of trial.

Lamar: Planted 1.5” deep into moisture and no-till wheat stripper header stubble.  Great stand establishment in the fall and good fall growth.  Visited in early Feb. and moisture down past 4”. Very lush and even growth by mid-April, but not much moisture left in soil profile.  By end of May there was good moisture below top 1.5” and early varieties were headed and starting to flower.

Orchard: Planted 2.25” deep into moisture and sandy ground. Planted into proso millet stubble, excellent stands and average growth in fall.  Great moisture down to 4” from snow in early February, good moisture throughout most of spring.

Roggen: Planted 1.75” deep into moisture into tall no-till wheat residue.  Good stands, but not much growth in the fall.  Some more emergence should occur in spring.  Good soil moisture down to at least 4” for winter.  Good growth in spring and average moisture, no rust or aphids noted at end of May.

Sheridan Lake: Planted 1.5” deep into good moisture and standing corn residue and old milo stubble.  Sandy ground, no-till.  Moisture down to 3” or so, then dry again at planting.  Early March visit little to no soil moisture top 4” of soil profile, little fall growth and poor stands.  By end of April stands were improved but variable plant size due to field residue and spring-emerged plants.  Brown wheat mites noted in April as well.  Good moisture by end of May and majority of varieties were heading.  Variable plant heights and stands still noted.

Walsh:  Planted about 2” deep into moisture, in milo residue.  Minimal fall growth and thin stands.  Visited in early Feb. and top 2” of soil is dry, some moisture below that.  Still very dry in mid-April.  Trial received 6.5” of rain in May, which promoted new tiller growth and still some potential to make grain.

Yuma: Planted into moisture at 1.75” depth.  Worked ground old wheat stubble.  Excellent stands and fall growth.  In early March top 4” of soil had some moisture but will need more soon.  Little bit of frost burn on 2nd and 3rd leaves.  By end of April trial had lush growth and joint was about 3” above soil surface.  Small amounts of Cephalosporuim stripe showing.

Widespread rainfall across the eastern half of Colorado in May delayed planting for many crops (60-day rainfall totals for the state can be viewed here).  All trial sites are marked in Google maps and can be found here, and if you are planning to visit the trials during the growing season, please email Sally to get plot maps at  All trials are marked with pink Crops Testing flags at the corners and orange plot stakes within the trials.

Dryland trials were planted at 18,900 seeds/ac for oil hybrids and 15,400 seeds/ac for confection hybrids.  Irrigated trials were planted at 24,800 seeds/ac for oil hybrids and 19,900 seeds/ac for confection hybrids.

Burlington Irrigated:  Planted on June 11th.  Seedlings just starting to emerge on June 17th.

Prospect Valley Irrigated:  Planted on June 12th.

Julesburg Dryland:  Planted on June 2nd into moisture and corn residue.

Sheridan Lake Dryland:  Planted on June 11th.  Planted into moisture at 1.75” depth.

Akron May 25
Akron hail damage May
Burlington dry May 26
Burlington Irr. May 26
Genoa May 19
Holyoke Irr. May 26
Julesburg May 26
Lamar May 24
Orchard May 19
Roggen May 19
Roggen May 19
Sheridan Lake May 26
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